Willi Glettig

Willi Glettig
LCC Engineering & Trading GmbH · See www.chromatographyshop.com

Dipl Ing Chem


I am a science-to-market-entrepreneur collaborating with many scientists. I am Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Bus. Admin.. We convert science into pioneering industrial and consumer products. Have formed and turned around a number of companies. The worldwide production of knowledge is huge but conversion into products and wealth (Job opportunities, new industries, new markets) is poor because the wealth creation knowledge and skills are ignored. Distribution of wealth is through internat. trade


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We Humans suffer from about 8000 different diseases. For about 1500 we have problem solutions (Drug, Medtech products, Diagnostics). Creating a new active pharmaceutical ingredient cost about USD 4.8 Billion per new API. With such high cost nobody will invest in finding problem solution for Rare diseases. Public research has exploded producing reams of technical data. Unfortunately, not much of the knowledge is convert it into products and services. We don’t create not enough new industries. Venture Capital has failed. New business models are required! It must be possible to build new life sciences companies for less than USD 30 K to 50 K We have created affordable chromatography systems for technically skilled people that want to start a production or service business. We are collecting research reports around the globe, study them and if they contain rich data/information we will discuss the reports with our entrepreneurial clients. They will then approach the author to find out whether a collaboration is possible. Chromatography is a versatile tool for creating new applications in various industries. We will support our clients with advice and know how about creating cash flow and how to build a bootstrap business. My project is to guide startups, to discuss with them bootstrap administration and marketing strategies. Please send me your research report if it contains relevant data, our clients will approach you for consulting or collaboration provided your report contains rich useful data. Public Research is finance by taxpayers, companies by its owners. To stabilize research jobs we have to increase conversion of research data into products and services that can be used by a large range of people. The second part in my project is to motivate researcher to help creating new industries! Please send your data to info@chemsupply.ch or info@chromatographyshop.com