Veli-Matti Tornikoski

Veli-Matti Tornikoski
University of Jyväskylä | JYU ·  Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius

Master of Technology
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Project (1)
The aim of the DIVES project is to identify the state and challenges of water usage and supply ecosystems of water-related operators in Central Ostrobothnia and to produce new, applied research-based information on technologies, methods and processes for digitalization and cleantech, related to water monitoring, treatment and clean water production, distribution and treatment. Also, promote the sustainable use of water resources and prevent the negative environmental impacts of different water-related operations. The project aims to familiarize with IoT technologies, its possibilities to improve water supply and clean water solutions, and the ecosystems that are used or could be used in the water supply sector, and implement various pilots with water-related operators in search of new, effective ways of working in the future. The goal is also to expand and improve the University's wireless technologies and the IoT’s R&D environment through smart specialization for a new field of industry and to be utilized by new entities and partners.