Tyler Roche

Tyler Roche
Georgia Institute of Technology | GT · School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Biology


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Currently studying the prebiotic formation of sugars, especially ketose sugars, and their role in the early chemical evolution of nucleic acids.
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The origin of nucleotides is a major question in origins-of-life research. Given the central importance of RNA in biology and the influential RNA World hypothesis, a great deal of this research has focused on finding possible prebiotic syntheses of the four canonical nucleotides of coding RNA. However, the use of nucleotides in other roles across t...
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The potential for amniotic fluid stem cell (AFSC) treatment to inhibit the progression of fibrotic lung injury has not been described. We have previously demonstrated that AFSC can attenuate both acute and chronic-fibrotic kidney injury through modification of the cytokine environment. Fibrotic lung injury, such as in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis...
AFSC modulation of the acute inflammatory cytokine milieu in both BAL and tissue following bleomycin induced lung injury. (A) Table of all cytokine modulations detected in BAL. (B) Graph of samples from BAL extracts that were moderately, but not statistically significantly modulated. (C) Table containing all cytokine modulations detected in tissue...
AFSC modulation of the acute inflammatory cellular populations in BAL following bleomycin induced lung injury. (A) Total cell count modulations detected in BAL. (B) Differential BAL macrophage analysis. (C) Differential BAL lymphocyte analysis. (D) Differential BAL neutrophil analysis. Distributions for B–D are presented as box plots with lines at...


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