Tom Perez

Tom Perez
California State University, Northridge | CSUN · Department of Computer Science

Bachelor of Science


Tom Perez is a graduate student at the Department of Computer Science, California State University, Northridge. Interests and endeavors include computational immunology and quantum computing. The most recent large project was 'Killer cell dynamics' with the guidance of professor Kyle Dewey PhD. He has extensive experience in biology and bioinformatics.
Additional affiliations
January 2008 - July 2015
Chrysler Corp.
  • First Officer
  • Jet charter company flying celeb's then after the recession, medical lifeguard flights as an FO. We flew west coast only then, inc AZ and NV. Citation series jets only.
January 2015 - August 2020
California State University, Northridge
Field of study
  • Computer Science with a math' minor.


Projects (2)
Differentiation and signalling pathways of a single CD4+ cell controlling cell fate and function, today (2020) is determined by Ghosh et al, to have over 200 links ("wires"). The graph, obtained by NIH is a complex "electrical schematic" , (almost literally) of about 60 electrical/electronic devices, (proteins, enzymes, m-molecules...). The diagram is composed via SBML, Systems Biology Markup Language. It's my hope to develop a quantum algorithm to realize the flow of some of the important elements, (Pt's, m-m's, ...) and it's circuit flow. Eg., what elements in the "circuit/subcircuit" provide the most weight in determining childhood ALL. I may never ever finish the project, but all we can do is our best+100%. [Do something big. Moreover, do something big for the common good.]
Contribute to childhood ALL, AML or MLL (mixed linkage leukemia) research and dev.