Tiffany A Greenwood

Molecular Biology, Genetics


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  • Jul 2015
    UCSD Clinical and Translation Research Institute (CTRI) Research Award, "Investigation of Regional Activation and Neural Connectivity in Bipolar Patients and Artists Towards a Model of Creativity as a Positive and Evolutionarily Adaptive Trait within the Bipolar Spectrum”
  • Mar 2015
    R21, National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), “Assessment of Positive Traits in the Bipolar Spectrum”
  • Jan 2015
    UCSD Frontiers of Innovation Scholars Program, “Genetic Assessment of Positive Traits within the Bipolar Spectrum”


My research focuses on the use of dimensional and intermediate phenotypes, as well as clinical subphenotypes, as tools to refine the genetic signal and aid in the identification of genetic variation and biological pathways underlying bipolar disorder and schizophrenia susceptibility.

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