Thya van den Berg

Thya van den Berg
University of Hull · Energy and Environment Institute

Master of Science


Creating a tool for mapping out past land-use in North-England. A combination of programming, GIS, pollen analysis and pollen dispersal modelling.


Project (1)
The goal of this PhD project is two-fold. First is to update the software used for the Multi Scenario Approach to pollen modelling. The new version will be an integrated plugin in QGIS that can take many types of maps as input instead of only IDRISI, will be open source, and require no programming knowledge. The second part is to apply this approach to a case study in North-England, which will consist of two parts: 1) a recent set of time slices for calibration and to discover recent rates of change in the vegetation. 2) a set of time slices from a period with similar climate, but much less human impact. For both sets, it will also be attempted to infer soil conditions from the reconstructed vegetation. The comparison between these time periods will inform us about human impact in the area and give context to advice given about conservation, agricultural practice and flood prevention. Part of the THYME project.