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Thomas Schuermann
University of Life


Interested in a diverse and inclusive approach to sustainability in conjunction with organic and other complex systems such as climate change, financial markets, AI, and food systems for the challenges ahead.


Questions (217)
Given the diverse interconnectedness of Natural Capital in the oceans, intuitively the impression arises that the correlation between GhG emissions (and waste possibly) and pH value in the oceans is not negatively stable.
May the negative correlation increase going forward due to tipping points in the Natural Capital ecosystem or different time-lagging dynamics for example?
Where is the critical pH value threshold zone of the oceans (research is so ambiguous about it)?
Happy for research, but also for speculative prognostics.
As global material footprint rises an impact on waste is highly likely.
Is the relationship throughout time:
-Convex, indicating an underlying careless attitude?
-Concave, due to potentially increased circularity?
Happy about research and insights.
As the global material footprint rises constantly, despite or because of the stellar rise of Social Media, questions arise to what extent greyballing may be a potential issue in sustainable and circular consumption patterns.
Cherish research.
The CATI method seems to have fulfilled its purpose in polling greatly in the past. Selection biases etc. have been taken care of, but a new issue may have emerged in detecting biases.
In a potential environment of distrust, voicing nonconformist views through telephone interrogation may be questionable. The randomized telephone process on the interviewer's side still leads to a high percentage shares of refusing the interrogation on the participant side.
Is there some sort of new bias research available apart from the selection bias, covering this topic? How to control the data for this?
Cherish your feedback.
Seems like a transfer of carbon dioxide to methane. Research on this GhG transmission channel?
How about the transmission mechanism of eating dead wood for beetles, elks, or other animals?
Cherish your feedback.
If yes, who are the transmitters of history?
Is there a connection between stadialism and Hegel and his intellectual heirs? Who can be called the father of stadialism? Is it interwoven with British empiricism?
Ideas about overall water and carbon footprint? How high is the energy consumption?
Happy for insights.