Theresa Ridgeway

Theresa Ridgeway
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Theresa Ridgeway has over 20 years experience working in the U.S. and abroad in life sciences and engineering ventures involving academia, industry, state and federal agencies, and the public. Terry specializes in project management and research collaborations including research planning and implementation, technical and grants writing, product QA/QC, and protocol development for R&D compliance.
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June 1991 - June 2000
University of New Hampshire
  • Managing Director


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A membrane-confined analytical electrophoresis apparatus for measuring the solution charge of macromolecules has been described previously (T. M. Laue et al., Anal. Biochem. 1989, 182, 377-382). Presented here is a design for this apparatus, which permits the on-line acquisition and display of absorbance data from up to 512 positions along an analy...
Charge is a fundamental property of macromolecules that is inextricably linked to their structure, solubility, stability, and interactions. Progress has been made on the theoretical and structural aspects of these relationships. However, for several reasons, charge is difficult to measure in solution. Consequently, there is a lack of experimental d...
Charge is a fundamental property of macromolecules. However, new instruments and new methods have been needed to explore the role of charge in determining the structure, stability, and interactions of macromolecules. An apparatus is described here that is capable of performing equilibrium electrophoresis, electrophoretic mobility or diffusion measu...
The fundamental measurement in analytical ultracentrifugation is the concentration as a function of radial position. The Rayleigh interferometer of the analytical ultracentrifuge produces a cell image in which the concentration at each radial position is presented as the vertical displacement of a set of equally-spaced horizontal fringes (Richards...
An important issue in understanding the relationship between protein sequence and structure is the degree to which different amino acids favour the formation of particular types of secondary structure. Estimates of the 'helix-forming tendency' of amino acids have been made based on 'host-guest' experiments, in which copolymers are made of the amino...
Charge is a fundamental property of macromolecules in solution. However, estimation of the apparent charge on polyions has confounded science for decades. Presented here is a general method to determine directly the apparent charge on a polyion, regardless of its size or shape. This new method uses equilibrium electrophoresis, a procedure in which...
Changes in the affinity of the heavy subunit of blood coagulation factor Va (Vh) for prothrombin are thought to be important in regulating the rate of thrombin production. Using analytical ultracentrifugation, we have measured the affinity of bovine Vh for prothrombin and for the prethrombin 1 fragment of prothrombin at 23.3 degrees C, pH 7.65, in...