Tanmoy Das

Tanmoy Das
Dalhousie University | Dal · Department of Industrial Engineering

Master of Science


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Tanmoy Das currently works as Asst Professor at MIST, Bangladesh. He hold a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering, from Florida State University. Tanmoy does research in 'Machine Learning.'


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Society is concerned about maritime accidents since pollution, such as oil spills from ship accidents, adversely affects the marine environment. Operational and strategic pollution preparedness and response risk management are essential activities to mitigate such adverse impacts. Quantitative risk models and decision support systems (DSS) have bee...
Technical Report
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The maritime industry has concerns about accidents such as collision and grounding. According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the accident dimensions including length and width of the ruptures or damages of striking and struck ships are independent, which might not be accurate in all accident cases. The relation between different...
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In this research endeavor, the basis of several machine learning algorithms for image classification has been documented. The implementation of five classification schemes, e.g. Nearest Class Centroid classifier, Nearest Sub-class Centroid classifier using the number of classes in the subclasses in the set, Nearest Neighbor classifier, Perceptron t...
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This research aimed for collecting data relevant to statistical process control from prominent manufacturing industries in Bangladesh and analyze the current situation of quality control in production line and apply statistical process control tools, particularly, Control chart, to identify defects. Engineers do not design inferior quality. Usually...
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'Redefined VocaB' is a vocabulary book for GRE aspirants, mostly written in Bengali language. This book is divided into two section. The 1st section illustrates vocabularies (based on high-frequency GRE vocabulary list), their mnemonics and pictorial views. The 2nd section emphasized on tips on GRE preparation and information to the roadmap from ta...
Conference Paper
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The document represents an analysis of hazardous condition, personal protective equipment and overall safety of all employees in cement industry. In issuing this report, it is seek to demonstrate the industry's ongoing commitment to sustainable environmental practices and performance as their safety measure for the betterment life of workers. For b...


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I am developing an algorithm to segment nanorods image. To understand the performance of my algorithm, I need to create, manually, ground truth by Matlab.
I tried Sefexa, but Sefexa does not give me enough information. I have tired ImageJ which gives me kinda satisfactory information like coordinate of each ROI. But, now I am looking for Linear Discriminate Analysis (LDA) through Matlab which I can apply to generate ground truth. 


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Finding the relationship between ship damage length and height (as a result of ship-ship collision). This project is implemented in R programming language. A project to be submitted as a part of the course "Data Analysis STAT 5620"
Industrial Engineering related projects
A machine learning project to obtain insight from the data of the manufacturing system.