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Verifying the origin/formation of the universe by making a binary equation and verifying it using science and Buddhism.


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I'm researching about mathematical interactions of dimensional symmetries and fundamental technical aspects of the universe. I made a sort of binary mathematical equation that almost shows the process in elementary particles, the origin of elementary particles, atomic structure, etc. The results in the calculation can be used to predict and discover hidden fundamental elements and interactions in the universe. Also, it shows fundamental structures in the universe. I started the research in 2017.


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It's about a new type of mathematical discovery about the origin/existence of the universe. I have used modern scientific discoveries (E.g., quantum mechanics) and explanations about fundamental elements (quantum physics) in Buddhism to verify it. I researched about zero (0) to find the universe's origin. If zero is fundamental, then the continuati...
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This is a new type of mathematical explanation which was developed to calculate the origin of the first Universe—as a theory of mathematical symmetries, or as symmetric laws in nature—using the most fundamental laws in the earliest possible universe which was infinitely nothing for a relatively infinite moment until the symmetric laws made the dime...


Questions (10)
Space could exist before the Big Bang. And therefore, the matter could move into space, and space could come into matter areas. Seemingly, the concept of Dark Energy is a scientific lie because it hides (is being used to hide) the existence of the universe before the Big Bang.
If the center of the universe should have a higher density, and matter moves away from the center of the universe, then a Big Bounce would make the required density at the center again as a cyclic process. Seemingly, space causes to continue that process somehow. And there is nothing else that really exists called Dark ENERGY. The density of the space beyond the island universe and inside the island universe is different because there was space beyond the island universe before the Big Bang. Therefore, the galaxies have to move away from each other to balance the density between those areas. Using the word Energy to explain that process is misleading and ignores the fact that Big Bang didn't create all the space. And most people ignore the fact that the universe is gaining space from somewhere. So, using a name like Dark Space to mention the growth of space in the observable universe is better than calling it Dark Energy.
According to Abhidhamma, there are 28 material forms:
Concretely Produced (Nipphanna)
I. Great Elements (Mahā Bhūta):
1. Pathavi (Extension/Hardness)
2. Apo (Cohesion/Fluidity)
3. Tejo (Heat/Hotness)
4. Vāyo (Motion/Pushing & Supporting)
The above 4 great (Mahā) elements are not the emerged/derived elements. And those four elements made the following 24 elements:
II. Internal (Pasāda) Rupa:
5. Cakkhu (eye element) ==== Photon?
6. Sota (ear element) ==== Z Boson?
7. Ghāna (nose element) ==== W Boson (1)?
8. Jivhā (tongue element) ==== W Boson (2)?
9. Kāya (body element) ==== Gluon?
III. Gocara (Objective) Rupa:
10. Vaṇṇa (visible) ==== Electron?
11. Sadda (Sound) ==== Up Quark?
12. Gandha (Smell) ==== Down Quark (1)?
13. Rasa (Taste) ==== Down Quark (2)?
* Phoṭṭhabba (Tangibility, warmth, and movement) comes
from 3 mahā bhuta of pathavi, tejo, vāyo
IV. Bhava Rupa:
14. Itthi (Feminine) ==== Neutrino (1)?
15. Purisa (Masculine) ==== Neutrino (2)?
V. Hadaya (Mind Base):
16. Hadaya Vatthu (seat of the mind) ==== Z (1/2)?
VI. Life:
17. jīvitindriya (Life faculty) ==== Higgs Boson?
VII. Nutritional:
18. Oja (Nutriment) ==== Magnetic Monopole?
Abstract (Anipphanna) Rupa
VIII. Limiting Phenomenon:
19. Ākāsa dhātu (space element)
IX. Communicating (Viññatti) Rupa:
20. Kāya Viññatti ==== AXion (A)?
21. Vaci Viññatti ==== AXion (X)?
X. Mutable (Vikāra) Rupa:
22. Lahutā (lightness)
23. Mudutā (Elasticity)
24. Kammaññatā (weildiness)
XI. Material Qualities (Lakkhana Rupa):
25. Upacaya (production)
26. Santati (continuity)
27. Jaratā (Decay)
28. Aniccatā (Dissolving)
Can you see the similarity between them?
If they are similar, don't you think that the supreme Buddha could teach the theory of everything?
There is a mathematical way to derive the detected elementary particles and the hidden particles. Please consider reading my book on Binary Mathematical Physics and Buddhism to learn more about dimensional sets.
The following Binary Physics project challenges your knowledge about quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, gravity, astronomy, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Elementary Particles, forces, etc:
If you can't understand it, do you really think that you are a good thinker who can think outside the box to verify the reality of something?


Project (1)
The research is based on mathematical interactions of dimensional symmetries and fundamental technical aspects of the universe. It would explain the process of the elementary particles in the Standard Model of Particles Physics. That almost explains the origin of elementary particles, atomic structure, etc. Also, that can be used to predict and discover hidden fundamental elements and interactions in the universe. And then we can try to find our role in this Universe much better. The mathematical results already show the fundamental structures in the universe that we can use to explain the connections between symmetries, different types of forces, and wave functions, etc.