Supromed Prima

Supromed Prima
Euro-Mediterranean Information System on Know-How in the water sector, EMWIS / SEMIDE


SUPROMED is a research and innovation (R&I) project co-funded under the PRIMA 2018 programme section I Farming Systems, for a period of 3 years. The project started in October 2019 and it is composed of a multidisciplinary team of ten partners from five countries Spain (UCLM, ITAP, HISPATEC), France (SEMIDE), Greece (UTH, 3DSA), Lebanon (DIFAF, ULFA) and Tunisia (INRGREF, INGC).


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The main objective of SUPROMED is to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of Mediterranean farming systems through a more efficient management of water, energy and fertilizers. SUPROMED is combining different models and tools: water, energy and fertilisation management models, meteorological and climatic tools in order to develop, implement and validate an end user’s IT platform aiming to provide effective advice for more efficient crop management.