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  • Sujeet Katiyar added an answer in Software Engineering:
    What are the popular cost estimation techniques used for software cost estimation
    I want to know about the status of cost estimation techniques used in software cost estimation at present.
    What is the scope of research in this area?
    Sujeet Katiyar
    I agree with Fernando .. With my experience I think that the best option that you can do is to gather the team members in a board room, discuss the problem to resolve and apply
    Where you divide the room in several teams, each one estimates the project and the rest get some feedback listening each other, after some iterations you will have a good estimation.
  • Sujeet Katiyar added an answer in Programming Languages:
    Which first language do you think is the best for learning programming techniques?
    I'm a professor from a brazilian university and this question is always made. In different courses, I had already worked with Pascal, Scheme, C and Java. What do you think about them? Would you have any other suggestion?
    Sujeet Katiyar
    I will suggest C as first programming language for learning programming techniques as C is mother of all programming languages and then after one can start with Object Oriented concepts and start with C++ or Java for the same.

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