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Stephanie Butchart


As part of a community vitality initiative, I have developed a three phase method to bring individuals and groups through a process of change by adapting a common case management practice using the Lifeworld-led approach of wellbeing. I will be exploring the value and validity of qualitative phenomenological research in Canadian health, community and social care systems by quantifying the user's sense of vitality. Our project 'Perception as Living Evidence to Genuine Wellbeing' aims to address a critical need for support practices in Canadian health, community and social care systems as determined by the user. This project will run on a yearly research creation platform in connection with TEM - The Ellis Method www.theellismethod.com


Question (1)
Has anyone experienced multiple patients on the same floor receiving this medication or a similar sleep aid?


Project (1)
To validate perception as living evidence of genuine wellbeing as defined in a Lifeworld-led approach of experiencing an existence characterized by a sense of vitality by adding quantitative value to qualitative data.