Stefano Porzio

Chemistry, Biology, Cell Biology



I consider myself a pharmacologist, working now in translational medicine from discovery to preclinical and early-clinical development. I start my scientific experience both in a Cell Biology and Applied Biochemistry Departments of Milan University, then I moved to the "in vivo" Cardiovascular Pharmacology Dept. of Mario Negri Institute in Milan (PK/PD of calcium antagonists and ACE inhibitors) where I was trained mainly Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD).
I start the industrial experience in the Preclinical Pharmacology Dept. of Dompé S.p.A.(1993) working mainly in pharmacology (PK, PD and PK/PD) of inflammation and bone-disease (NCE and NBE). I was in charge for project management of a drug-discovery project too.

I moved (2000) to the DOIT (Drug Optimization Institute of ZambonGroup - Switzerland) first as Sr. Scientist, then as Sr. Pharmacokineticist, working mainly in PK/ADME of Lead Optimization projects and pre-clinical/early clinical Pharmacokinetics (up to Phase I). I monitor some PK studies for life cycle management of ZambonGroup marketed compounds (mainly bioequivalence studies). I have been in charge for project management of a drug-discovery project. Zambon Group made available to me the opportunity to grow as translational scientist from drug discovery to early-clinical development (phase I-II) by increasing and integrating competences particularly about the use, consolidation and management of translation of information to human.

Then, in January 2007, I moved to Global DMPK Dept. in Non Clinical Development Function of Merck Serono (formerly Serono, up to December 2006) as PK/PD scientist in the PK/PD group where I have been in charge of international Team Member representative of DMPK function in 2 NBEs and 1 NCEs preclinical and early-clinical development projects. In this period I have been in charge also of study direction of preclinical PK/PD studies and PK/PD modeling and simulation applied to to preclinical (including scaling-up from animals to human) and early clinical pharmacology studies and.

From August 2009 to April 2011 I setup a Bioanalytics and Pharmacokinetics Group in the Integrated Laboratory of Advanced Methodologies at the Bioindustry Park in Colleretto Giacosa (Turin - Italy).
Finally, from April 2011 I manage ABLE Biosciences, the new CRO arm of Bioindustry Park, active on Bioanalytics, Protein Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

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