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Stefan Vieweg
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Research focus - driven from a interpretation of "corporate governance" as a sustainable and resilient art (rather than technique) running organizations - what does it take to utilize currently available ("good old") AI based on pattern recognitions to set it into an ethical and ESG-context that truly contributes to stewardship. Promising is Candorship derived through intrinsic motivation that can be fostered by scaling agile priciples and practices such as SAFe -


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Die Digitalisierung im Finanzwesen ist in unterschiedlichen Bereichen vorangeschritten, am weitesten in „unkritischen“ internen Anwendungen des „Self Services“ oder der Kreditorenbuchhaltung. Doch auch beim sensiblen Thema des Forderungsmanagements können die digitalen Helfer nicht nur die (Kosten-)Effizienz enorm steigern, sondern auch die Effekti...
While technology advances at a high pace in the age of machine learning, there is a lack of clear intent and framing of acceptable ethical standards. This book brings together the complex topic of "good" technology in a cross-functional way, alternating between theory and practice.The authors address the ever-expanding discussion on Artificial Inte...
Die Herausforderung an eine nachhaltige Unternehmensführung im digitalen Zeitalter wird anhand vielfältiger Beispiele abgeleitet. Durch die Beschleunigung der Entscheidungsprozesse wächst die strategische Lücke, denn eine hoher Wahrnehmungsschwelle engt den unternehmerischen Handlungsspielraum stark ein. Ferner kann die Digitalisierung dazu führen,...
Dieser Beitrag zeigt auf, wie unter Berücksichtigung einer gelingenden Implementierung entlang des Enterprise Transformation Cycles (lean-)agiles Management auch das zumeist von Häufigkeit und Schadensausmaß unterschätzte Problem der Non-Compliance deutlich verbessern kann. Compliance-Vorfälle sind trotz Megaskandale der letzten Dekaden nach wie vo...
"The art of unleashing full SAFe potential - results from an independent empirical research amongst SAFe experts Without doubt, SAFe is THE market-leading methodology for scaling agile. Success stories and testimonials as presented on the ScaleAgile website suggest successes everywhere – though, an independent research was missing so far. Prof. Dr...
Dieser Beitrag beleuchtet Nachhaltigkeit in der Unternehmensführung vor dem Hintergrund von Führungsqualitäten wie Authentizität, Geradlinigkeit und Transparenz, die in dem Begriff „Candorship“ gefasst werden können. Es wird anhand unterschiedlicher Studien gezeigt, dass die von Candorship geprägten Unternehmen auch bessere ökonomische Performance...
Die anpassungsfähige Ausrichtung eines Unternehmens ist im Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity-Zeitalter von zunehmender Bedeutung. Selbst in traditionellen Branchen müssen nicht nur der Produktivbereich, sondern auch die Supportfunktionen effizient und schlank („lean“) ausgerichtet werden. Anhand eines konkreten Praxisbeispiels einer mitte...
In this paper the traffic telematics system BIDIS is presented. BIDIS is a bidirectional system utilizing the existing GSM-network. Vehicle position is determined by a dead reckoning module based on the GPS satellite navigation system. No additional infrastructure is necessary for operation of the system. In addition to the services to be realised...
Traffic telematics is a market with emerging potential. A significant portion of added value is gained from data based services. On one side, these services utilize GSM mobile networks for mobile data and voice communication between an individual car and the traffic telematics center, on the other side the detection and processing of geo informatio...
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It is well known that satellite navigation (GNSS) can fulfill highest accuracy requirements for a great variety of applications. Nevertheless, as sole means in safety-critical applications there is an additional need for reliability and integrity. Since the latter demands cannot be complied with (experience indicates an integrity six orders of magni...
Under contract of different German Ministries a test program investigating the combinations of GPS, GLONASS, and Inertial Navigation has been carried out since 1991. Besides other goals, the aim of the project is to investigate the capabilities of GLONASS in comparison to GPS, to realize a combined GLONASS/INS solution and to perform joint processi...
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Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) provide highest accuracy navigation capabilities when using differential techniques. Although the accuracy performance can comply with the tight limits as defined by ICAO or RTCA for precision approaches and taxi guidance, under real environment several effects onboard the aircraft degrade the quality of G...
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Under contract of the German Ministries of Transport and Defense a GPS/GLONASS/INS test program has been carried out since 1992. Besides other goals, the aim of the project is to investigate the capabilities of GLONASS in comparison to GPS, to realize a combined GLONASS/INS solution and to perform joint processing of GPS and GLONASS raw data. The p...


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Encounter ethical aspects of AI technologies for sustainable management and corporate governance