Spyros Christofilakos

Spyros Christofilakos
German Aerospace Center (DLR) | DLR · Department: Photogrammetry and Image Analysis

BSc Marine Science | MSc Geoinformatics | PhD Applied Mathematics and Computer Science


Project (1)
The Global Seagrass Watch project is a two-year DLR TM funded technological innovation project which aims to design, develop and commercialise a cloud-native service for seagrass and seascape mapping and monitoring in large temporal and spatial scales, exploiting the synergy between medium to high resolution satellite imagery, field data, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The project and service will concern the standardisation, automation, and scalability of seagrass mapping tools through Earth Observation technological advances. We aim to update seagrass trends from the local to the global scale, allowing pathways to the realisation of relevant SDG development goals, enforcement of ecosystem-based adaptation strategies to climate change, update of Nationally Determined Contributions, and also contribution of Analysis and Application Ready Data pertaining to the coastal aquatic remote sensing domain.