Soledad Salega

Biological Anthropology, Archaeology

The main objective is to contribute to the study of the ways of life, evolutionary history, biological structure and local evolution of the populations that inhabited the central region of Argentina during the Holocene, from a perspective that combines the theoretical and methodological contributions of Bioarchaeology and Landscape Genetics. For the analysis of the spatial patterns of craniofacial and dental morphological variation, we will work with epigenetic features, linear measurements of classical morphometry and data obtained from geometric morphometry in 2 dimensions. From a bioarchaeological perspective, several bioanthropological markers (dento-alveolar pathologies, skeletal health markers, traumatic lesions, long bones measurement for height estimation) will be registered, and prevalence will be calculated considering sex, age, geographical origin and chronology. Extraction and analysis of residues of micro-plant residues in dental calculations and ceramic and lithic artifacts will be performed, as well as stable isotope analyzes (13C and 15N). In turn, paleoparasitological analyzes will be performed on sediments contained in the pelvic region.

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