Shine Trabucco

Shine Trabucco
University of Houston | U of H, UH · Department of History

Master of Arts


Currently working on. The history of adobe and earthen architecture in San Antonio Texas to analyze its influence on urban development and red-lining.
Skills and Expertise
August 2020 - December 2020
University of Houston
Field of study
  • History
August 2018 - December 2019
Saint Mary's University, San Antonio
Field of study
  • Public History
August 2015 - May 2018
Southwestern University
Field of study
  • Anthropology


Project (1)
This project is concerned with how resource extraction industries impact health and culture in predominantly Hispanic agricultural counties in South Texas. This paper will show a correlation between the health issues and the period of an increase in oil field activity in the area. This study seeks to use autoethnography to contribute to the research on environmental injustices in resource extractions in rural areas. The research questions I pose are: Why are these areas the most dense areas of resource extraction in Texas and how does resource extraction impact the health of the people in these communities? Drawing on data collected from oral history in-depth qualitative interviews, autoethnography, participant observation, archival research and map analysis conducted for my anthropology capstone research, this paper examines the impacts of the oil companies and uranium mining in 2 South Texas counties. The use of autoethnography in this research which draws on my personal experiences living in the affected areas, will offer a nuanced lense into this topic, one not typically used within the field of cultural anthropology. This research will illuminate how resource extractions have far reaching implications beyond their impacts on the natural environment; they affect the environments and the everyday lives of families and children living and working in rural areas.