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  • Shiao-Yun Chiang added an answer in Discourse Analysis:
    What could be the relationship between political discourse & cultural- intercultural knowledge?
    Style of political discourses has a significant impact on decision making of masses and on orientation of international relations.
    Shiao-Yun Chiang
    This might be an instance for the question. Chiang, SY (2010).‘Well, I’m a lot of things, but I’m sure not a bigot’: Positive self-presentation in confrontational discourse on racism. Discourse & Society, 21(3):273-294
  • Shiao-Yun Chiang added an answer in Cultural Studies:
    Data collection
    I am doing a PhD in Cross-CUltural Psychology and try to collect data in China. Quite a challenge as I look for Chinese employees who experience intercultural contact at their work place in China- either face to face - or via email, skype, etc. on a daily basis.
    Shiao-Yun Chiang
    You probably should look for this type of data in Chinese universities. China is not a country of immigrants. Its population is quite homogeneous. Ordinary Chinese rarely have any intercultural contact on the daily basis in the workplaces, even in those foreign invested enterprises. However, there are hundreds and thousands of international students as well as many foreign instructors in Chinese universities. Chinese college students and instructors may have some chances to interact with foreigners on the daily basis on their campus.
  • Shiao-Yun Chiang added an answer in Education:
    What can a professor do when he is teaching his own co-workers and some of his superiors?
    Fairclough (1989) describes power as socially constructed elements used by power holders to hold down individuals who do not belong to their specific social group. However, this is not the case according to my question.
    Shiao-Yun Chiang
    I hope this article may be of some use to you. Chiang, S.-Y. (2009). Personal power and positional power in a power-full ‘I’: a discourse analysis of doctoral dissertation supervision
    Discourse & Communication.3(3), 255-271
  • Shiao-Yun Chiang added an answer in Linguistics:
    Where can I find research on the translation effectiveness in L2 writing?
    I am planning a research about the effectiveness of translation on L2 writing. I assume that direct L2 writing is a little bit harder rather than translation-based L2 writing. Translation-Based L2 writing, although is assumed to be time consuming, can reduce errors and mistakes. However, I have found no previous research.
    Shiao-Yun Chiang
    Please browse "Journal of Second Language Writing" published by Elsevier
  • Shiao-Yun Chiang added an answer in Cultural Studies:
    Cultural Globalization and Music
    I am planning a work on cultural globalization, with music as a cultural form.
    1. Are there any quantification in cultural geography or anthropology which I can internalize?
    2. Can you recommend any published literature relating to my line of inquiry?
    Shiao-Yun Chiang
    Please read Imagining Globalization: language, identities, and boundaries
  • Shiao-Yun Chiang added an answer in Discourse Analysis:
    Why are some researchers in Discourse Analysis are so resistant to Marxist positions?
    Some researchers in Discourse Analysis insist on denying Marxist positions as theoretical foundations for this area. Reproductive and transforming relations still domains subject constitution, once subject-form is based on "Class Stuggle" and we cannot deny the role of ideology in language materiality.
    Shiao-Yun Chiang
    I am not sure what specific positions or studies you were talking about here. I believe you know CDA and some feminist studies are associated with Marxism or some types of Marxism. Discourse analysis varies within and across disciplines. It is sometimes a matter of relevance and workability.
  • Shiao-Yun Chiang added an answer in Science Communication:
    Looking for examples of old grant proposals to use as teaching tool.
    I'm looking for a few samples of real grant proposals that were submitted. We would love proposals that were and were not funded to use in a training workshop where we will analyze, compare and contrast. Please send me a message if you can help. Thank you!
    Shiao-Yun Chiang
    Nina, you can find some research articles on grant proposal in the academic journal "Wriiten Communication" published by SAGE.

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