Sergio J. Castro

Sergio J. Castro
Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior (CETYS) · Alumnus

Master in Science, Networks and Telecommunications


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I am not a researcher. I work in the private industry. However, early in 2013 I learned that the short thesis that I wrote back in 1998 to earn my BS in CS was plagiarized during Y2K by a graduate student from another university. After researching I found out that my university, his university and no university in Mexico knows how to deal with similar situations. I wrote a paper with an inter-university proposal on how to deal with plagiarism after the fact. My paper is currently under review.
October 2006 - September 2010
Centro de Enseñanza Técnica y Superior (CETYS)
Field of study
  • Networks and Telecommunications
August 1989 - December 1993
Autonomous University of Baja California
Field of study
  • Computer Science


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The third world does not escape universities from developing countries. Research results, or rank, may be acceptable parameters to validate the quality of higher education received by job applicants that are alumni from a foreign university. Another parameter could be the integrity of the Universities that granted the degrees to those applicants. H...
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Plagiarism exists in all aspects of intellectual creation, including academic environments. Today, academic theses written to earn a higher degree are minimally scrutinized since they are usually available only in the libraries of the universities that conferred the degree. This facilitates thesis plagiarism. But thanks to the accessibility that th...
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From the user perspective In developed countries bandwidth now a days is a commodity. Users hardly worry about bandwidth limitations anymore, bandwidth is an afterthought. In the rest of the world it is not the same case, especially in places where the digital gap is enormous; bandwidth is still a precious resource. Service providers everywhere sti...
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Esta tesis contiene material plagiado de mi trabajo de titulación. El autor, Noé Torres Garza, egresado de la Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, presentó como propio gran parte de mi trabajo, incluso la idea del caso práctico es mía. La síntesis de su tesis es idéntica a la introducción de mi tesina. Copió y pegó de mi tesina los Capítulos 2, 3 y...
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Las ciencias computacionales y las telecomunicaciones han ido evolucionando dramáticamente, principalmente en las últimas tres décadas en las que han unido sus pasos para revolucionar los métodos de comunicación utilizados por individuos e instituciones. Las actividades mercantiles y burocrático-administrativas han sido profundamente influenciadas...


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What should a University that has no regulations on Thesis Plagiarism  or degree revocation do when it learns after the degree was granted that an alumnus copy and pasted the thesis?