Sasha Nealand

Sasha Nealand
University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo | UHH · Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Master of Science


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Doctoral student, natural product chemistry, reseaching phyto-compounds active against Mycobacteria.
Additional affiliations
January 2015 - June 2015
Skyline College
  • Researcher
January 2010 - December 2010
Portola Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Analytical Chemist
January 2007 - January 2008
  • Analytical Chemist
August 2015 - August 2017
University of Florida
Field of study
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Publication (1)
Antimicrobial Effects of Native California Plants: Grindelia stricta platyphylla and Iris douglasiana


Questions (21)
I have to use a magnifying glass to read the display on a lot of the parts of the program, how can I change the fonts into something readable? I already tried changing Windows Settings->All in One Fonts & Icon Size to the large setting, it only changes some of the fonts.
Makes the program really hard to work with if I cant see any of the commands because they are too miniscule
Can anyone explain how to use a glass hygrometer to find the % water remaining in solvents distilled from the rotovap so that I can reuse them for chromatography? Where can I get the chart that will relate the numbers on the hygrometer to % water for common solvents such as methanol, hexane, ethyl acetate....
If I have extracted a plant with ethyl acetate and found that this extract has an effective activity, is it generally safe for humans to ingest this extracted plant material? Ethyl acetate is GRAS and would be evaporated away, so only trace amounts should remain in the extract.
Wondering if anyone has done this successfully? Thinking of backflushing and perhaps running methanol through the MilliQ filter column to clean it so it can be reused.
is it true that monoterpene alcohols are blue and esters are violet? what compounds do red green and yellow spots indicate?
If for instance the chosen best 3 solvents with respective solvent strengths are dichloromethane(3.1), ethyl acetate(4.4), chloroform(4.1) how to calculate how much hexane to add to adjust all polarities to the 3.1 strength of dichloromethane?
I want to irreversibly bind my small organic terpenoid compound to a bead so I can use it as in immunoprecipitation to fish out of a cell lysate what it might bind to. Does anyone have a procedure to attach small organic compound to a bead? I have different chromatography beads available such as silica, C18, MCI and some others that I could use or if you know of others I would like to know
I used a non-pathogenic fast growing Mycobacteria to screen my natural product compounds for activity. Now I want to test the active compounds in a disk diffusion assay against pathogenic Mycobacterium tuberculosis which grows very slowly, is this still possible to do? Has anyone done this with good results? I am at a university lab that has no funding so I cannot do any anti-Mtb assays that require buying anything, please let me know your suggestions. Thanks!
How can students find enough money to fund the analytical instrument room (LC/MS, NMR, GC/MS) at their University so that they can can continue their doctoral research?
After I did some disc diffusion assays with a fast growing Mycobacteria I now want to do this using M. tuberculosis but I read that you cannot use Mueller Hinton agar with this. Does anyone know why not? Also what is a good agar to use if I want to do the disk diffusion assay with M. tuberculosis that will make a good lawn? Will tryptic soy agar work?
if I evaporate a mixture of hexane:ethyl acetate in a rotary evaporator under vacuum, will the solvent collected from the condenser have approximately the same ratio of hexane:ethyl acetate? bp ethyl acetate 77.1C and bp hexanes 68C.
Is there any problem with using 0.1%TFA in HPLC mobile phase if the purpose is isolation, structure elucidation by NMR and bioassay?


Project (1)
Archived project
Extraction of plants for structural elucidation of compounds.