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Saifullah Rahimi

Saifullah Rahimi
Gujarat University

Ph.D. Candidate
AI and Machine Learning


Questions (3)
I am a Computer Science PhD scholar who recently changed my thesis title. I am currently researching for a suitable title in my field. I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your recommendations, suggestions, or ideas. Your input would be highly valuable and would save me a significant amount of time. Thank you.
Hello guys!
I am working on research proposal named " Invoice Automation with NLP" but I am totally confused how to keep going on it? and most important is this topic is good to research ?
Highly appreciated your ideas and comments or recommends please.
Thank you.
Hello folks!
I am Saifullah Rahimi, I have done my master's degree in Computer Applications and am so keen to start my PhD(Deep learning domain) but i haven't any experience or idea, and time is also limited if anyone can help please let me know.