Robert Elkington

Robert Elkington
University of Leeds · Institute of Functional Surfaces

Bachelor of Engineering


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PhD Researcher at the University of Leeds. Developing soft material interfaces for functional partial joint replacements. Research areas: biotribology, functionalised biomaterials, soft tribology, cartilage mechanics and joint arthroplasty technologies. Other research experience with: liquid crystal tribology, DLC tribology, friction fade out phenomena, electromagnetically responsive lubricant additives.


Publications (6)
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WS2 nanoparticles (NPs) are some of the most successful lubricant additives for high pressure, high temperature tribological applications and a potential replacement for the antiwear ZDDP and friction modifier additives. Ferrofluids offer a variety of properties such as friction and wear reduction, vibration damping, and cooling that can make them...
Technical Report
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A novel experimental project adapted from my undergraduate thesis investigating the uses of polarised light microscopy techniques and single-wavelength ellipsometry for understanding the structure of smectic/lamellar liquid crystal structures in an EHD contact. The layered, lamellar phase of lyotropic liquid crystals (LLCs) display promising trib...
To enable long lasting osteochondral defect repairs which preserve the native function of synovial joint counter-face, it is essential to develop surfaces which are optimised to support healthy cartilage function by providing a hydrated, low friction and compliant sliding interface. PEEK surfaces were modified using a biocompatible 3-sulfopropyl me...
Video showing pressure induced alignment of lamellar phase lyotropic liquid crystals in a PCS Instruments EHD tribometer. If this interests you I have 200+ GB of videos showing liquid crystal alignments in static and dynamic conditions with normal and oblique polarised light microscopes.
Undergraduate thesis which formed the background/initial feasibility efforts for the Visualisation Of Structured Lubricants In Tribological Contacts E. Richard Booser Scholarship report. Some of the background and theory in this document are underdeveloped so read judiciously, but this document is an interesting read for the experimental methods (a...