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1) Life Science Soluitons - Software development and embedded systems for biomedical research 2) Mashine Learning 3) Former: Acute slice electrophysiology of immature neurons in various murine brain regions. 4) Philosophy of Mind 5) WissensDurst 2017 - Team: Salzburg
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January 2014 - present
University of Salzburg
  • Lecturer
  • Mastermodul: Neurobiology III


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The extent of functional maturation and integration of nonproliferative neuronal precursors, becoming neurons in the adult murine piriform cortex, is largely unexplored. We thus questioned whether precursors eventually become equivalent to neighboring principal neurons or whether they represent a novel functional network element. Adult brain neuron...
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Neurogenesis in the healthy adult murine brain is based on proliferation and integration of stem/progenitor cells and is thought to be restricted to 2 neurogenic niches: the subventricular zone and the dentate gyrus. Intriguingly, cells expressing the immature neuronal marker doublecortin (DCX) and the polysialylated-neural cell adhesion molecule r...
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Adult neurogenesis is a tightly regulated process continuously taking place in the central nervous system of most mammalian species. In neuroscience research, transgenic animals bearing the tamoxifen-inducible CreERT2-Lox system are widely used. In this study, we made use of a Nestin-CreERT2/R26R-YFP transgenic mouse model in which the CreERT2 acti...
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The presence of adult neurogenesis in the human hippocampus is a well-accepted fact. In contrast, the functional relevance of adult neurogenesis is highly debated. In particular, the possible correlation between a strong diminution of neurogenesis rates in the aged brain and cognitive impairments. These aspects have been so far mostly investigated...
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The expression of early developmental markers such as doublecortin (DCX) and the polysialylated-neural cell adhesion molecule (PSA-NCAM) has been used to identify immature neurons within canonical neurogenic niches. Additionally, DCX/PSA-NCAM+ immature neurons reside in cortical layer II of the paleocortex and in the paleo- and entorhinal cortex of...


Questions (4)
Hey Dudes!
I'm using Patchmaster (HEKA). And I would like to get my TAU out of my seal-test recordings. Is this usually done with Fitmaster (HEKA)? Or is IGOR Pro the better choice? There also is the Patchers Power Tools around ( Is it used frequently? Any advices for a beginner?
We are planning to go for a SliecScope Pro System ( to establish electrophysiological data on acute brain slices (diverse areas). Can anybody provide some long-term experiences? Anything that we definitely should go for? How are the micro-manipulators (Patch-Star)? How stable are they? What's with noise?
I'm really thankful for any kind of information.
If you don't want to publish things public, private messages are highly welcome also.
The price for the oblique-optics is about 2 000€ lower; worth it?
I'm just starting with acute slice electrophysiology (patch-clamp). Because of internal infra-structural reasons the vibratome has to be used by two different persons in two different rooms at two different day-times. Therefore a daily transport of the vibratome is necessary. 
Has anyone already done this?
Stability of a moveable table (with brakes on it), sufficient?
Any latent damage to the mechanics of the vibratome expectable?


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