Ralf Koebnik
, Marseille · UMR 186 - Interactions Plants-Microbes-Environment (IPME)

Microbiology, Genetics

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The main challenge that is addressed by the Action are present, emerging or re-emerging plant diseases due to infection by bacteria of the Xanthomonadaceae family, which are continually challenging food security and cause significant losses to the COST countries’ economy each year. This challenge demands concerted R&D actions at the international level, which will be supported by the COST Action networking instruments. Website: http://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/ca/CA16107 Scoop: http://www.scoop.it/t/xanthomonadaceae-plant-diseases Twitter: https://twitter.com/EuroXanth
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-Develop molecular diagnostic tools of Pantoea spp that are easy to use and affordable _study the diversity and the system of evolution of pantoea spp _Seek sources of resistance in the germsplasm of African rice. _Develop environmentally friendly and low cost seed treatment methods.
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Development of sustainable rice protection methods against its diseases

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Is there any user-friendly, publicly available resource to generate a phylogenetic tree from an ANI distance matrix?
Hello,  is there any user-friendly, publicly available resource to generate a phylogenetic tree from an ANI distance matrix? Thanks a lot, Ralf


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  • Mar 2017
    EuroXanth: Integrating science on Xanthomonadaceae for integrated plant disease management in Europe


The Xanthomonas-host pathosystem:
(i) Comparative genomics and transcriptomics of xanthomonads,
(ii) Novel molecular typing systems for plant-pathogenic xanthomonads,
(iii) Development of resistant rice cultivars for sub-Saharan Africa.
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