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Raj Kumar Sharma
Sahara Prime City Ltd · Planning Civil

B.E. Civil Engineering


Energy Efficiency of the Buildings, construction of the buildings, tendering & monitoring of the civil projects.
Additional affiliations
January 2010 - July 2012
  • Energy Efficiency of the Buildings
  • A project report related to the Energy efficiency of the Buildings is under consideration in Patent Office Mumbai. This is a install and forget type system.
July 2005 - June 2009
Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
Field of study
  • Civil Engineering


Questions (8)
|The following factors are available for construction activities:
5 Beldars and 4 Mazdoors can do 28.30 Excavation work per day
3 Masons, 3 Mazdoors and 1 Bhisti can plaster 40 sqm Plaster (12 mm Thick) per day.
Grades of concrete like M-20, M-25, & M-30. How much cement is required for the said grades of concrete?
Basic "Terms & Conditions" used to be included in the contract documents for the proper execution and completion of civil engineering work.
In project management, how do you calculate/schedule the the duration of construction activities? What are the labour factors that are used to calculate hourly productivity for various construction activities? Is there an excel sheet for the calculation of the duration of the activity?
For the estimation of the new construction of the civil structures, we need the Basic Rates, depending on the location, type of material required, and the availability of the material.
Commonly used softwares for the designing of the concrete mix like M-15 & M-25.


Project (1)
Energy Efficient Building cooling system for all types of small buildings. Irrespective of the location of the building i.e. it will work even in very remote locations.