R Forrest Stanley

R Forrest Stanley
University of Idaho | UID · Department of Curriculum and Instruction

Education Specialist - Education Leadership
EdD Student - Career and Technical Education


The Perkins V application requires a Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA). The CLNA includes stakeholder contributions. Normally, a Needs Assessment is accomplished using a GAP process. However, the University of Kansas has published an alternative in their Community Toolbox - Asset Inventory (AI). The difference: the GAP defines process steps to attain a desire end state. The AI creates an Open Ended Question: What can be done with the resources present?
Additional affiliations
December 1980 - May 1983
Walter Reed Army Insitute of Research
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Date transfer from machines to VAX 11/780 for analysis and display. Programing languages Assembler, FORTRAN and C. Single use hardware design and built.
August 1974 - May 1978
Tulane University
Field of study
  • Biomedical Engineering