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  • Pierre Legagneux added an answer in Bird Migration:
    What are the best packages of R to analyze bird migration movements?
    We must analyze the movement patterns of Flamingos, from observations of coloured rings (unfortunately not radio-tracking data!).

    Data structure: spatial geoposition / date / ring number / etc.. So we want use database as resighting data. We work with R program. Do good packages exist to analyze this data type? Capture - recapature models? Other suitable models to be applied on this data?
    Pierre Legagneux
    Dear Federico
    I would have a look to the references provided below and the use of CMR as possible application to model dispersal, survival, migration... and take into account uncertainty
    You'll find examples on flamingo too !
    Hope it helps
  • Pierre Legagneux added an answer in Bird Biodiversity:
    Studies on the effect of the import stop of birds to Europe?
    Have any studies been made on the effect of this import stop, both in regard to the number of birds but also the effect on the agriculture? With millions of seed-eating birds no longer being exported annually from many countries, I would think crops would be severely affected.
    Pierre Legagneux
    Hi Kenneth, not sure to clearly understand what you mean by important stop: do you refer to stop-over sites during migration, or on wintering grounds or both? and how the important consumption of seeds by granivorous birds could in turn affect crop production ? If this is your point, yes there is a lot of research done on crop damage by cranes or geese during the spring migration for example. Such effects generally occurred because populations of these birds benefited from changes in agriculture practices and become more abundant... hope it helps

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