Patrick Van der Wel

Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Biophysics

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Study the molecular mechanism of polyglutamine misfolding and aggregation involved in Huntington's Disease and related CAG-repeat expansion disorders.
Active project
Updates quarterly
Using solid-state NMR and other methods to probe common mechanisms of protein aggregation, including amyloidogenic as well as non-amyloid processes.
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  • Sep 2016
    The molecular basis of cardiolipin-protein interactions implicated in intrinsic apoptosis.
  • Jan 2015
    Structural polymorphism in the misfolding and aggregation of expanded polyglutamine proteins
  • Nov 2013
    Eastern Analytical Symposium (EAS) New Faculty Award in NMR Spectroscopy


Investigations of protein misfolding and aggregation in Huntington's Disease and other protein aggregation diseases. Structural and functional studies of the interactions between mitochondrial proteins and lipids during mitochondrial apoptosis and in the process of lipid oxidation. Our primary tool in these studies is advanced magic-angle-spinning solid-state NMR spectroscopy, which we combine with various other techniques.
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