Pantelis Karapanagiotis

Pantelis Karapanagiotis
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I am a computational microeconomist focusing on providing efficient software solutions for large-scale mathematical decision modeling and econometric estimations using big data with novel formats, statistical learning, and distributed technologies. My research focuses on market models, game theory, and industrial organization.
Additional affiliations
July 2021 - present
Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE
  • Researcher
November 2016 - April 2021
Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main
  • Research Assistant


Publications (18)
Traditional market research tools rely primarily on self-reports to investigate consumer preferences. However, self-reporting entails elements of subjectivity that are potential sources of biases and inaccuracies, and due to this limitation, managers and researchers started investigating innovative neuromarketing-based methodologies that can be use...
Because the paid hours gap closes as the service sector becomes more pronounced for high-income countries. Although gender wage inequality persists across country income groups, differences in schooling years between females and males diminish. We assemble a novel dataset, calibrate a general equilibrium, multi-sector, -gender, and -production tech...
Market models constitute a significant cornerstone of empirical applications in business , industrial organization, and policymaking macroeconomics. The econometric literature proposes various estimation methods for markets in equilibrium, which entail a market-clearing structural condition, and disequilibrium, which are described based on a struct...
This chapter analyzes a central part of an EU-funded, seven-nations development project for the comprehensive interdisciplinary design of a European system to collect and collate historical financial and firm data (named EurHisFirm)—the responsibility of the authors was the design of a Common Data Model (CDM). Against the background that successful...
Broad, long-term financial, and economic datasets are scarce resources, particularly in the European context. In this paper, we present an approach for an extensible data model that is adaptable to future changes in technologies and sources. This model may constitute a basis for digitized and structured long-term historical datasets for different j...
Conference Paper
This paper reports results from the design phase of EurHisFirm. Its goal is to integrate isolated and badly accessible financial data sets on 19 th and 20 th century European companies so that users can query the data as if they reside in one large database. In addition, it wants to stimulate database construction by providing not only methodology...
Technical Report
The fourth report of Work Package 5 provides the latest revisions of the Common Data Model standard specifications. The different foundational elements of the Common Data Model are presented and explained. The report also summarisesthe results of stakeholder feedback and describes their implications on the Common Data Model. Finally, we give an out...
Dynamic choices of cognitively constrained individuals have been ascribed, by the rational inattention theory, as being a filtering problem, in which the attentional intensity is consciously elected. Human attention, however, is not merely of voluntary intensity; it is rather also of volitional placement nature. In this article, I study the implica...
The limited availability of methodologies that evaluate departures from market-clearing discourages the application of estimation methods that allow them. Nevertheless, shortages and surpluses appear in a plethora of markets not only under exceptional but also under normal circumstances. In this article, I propose a statistical assessment of the ap...
Provides estimation methods for markets in equilibrium and disequilibrium. Specifically, it supports the estimation of an equilibrium and four disequilibrium models with both correlated and independent shocks. It also provides post-estimation analysis tools, such as aggregation and marginal effects calculations. The estimation methods are based on...
Technical Report
The second report of Work Package 5 completes the discussion of the preliminary back-end design concepts of the common data model. The approach of the report is characterized by the principle of least intrusiveness. The proposed solutions respect national idiosyncrasies and allow national centers to advance in a collaborative but independent manner...
Technical Report
The report reviews a selection of existing micro-level data-model implementations both from within as well as outside the consortium's countries and identifies best design practices. It proposes preliminary model concepts for EURHISFIRM's metadata scheme and evaluation criteria for assessing the effectiveness of historical, cross-country, company-l...
The code implements a simple version of the radial attention model and solves it. For more details on the model's technicalities see the article. The solver is based on a concurrent re-formulation of the value function iteration algorithm. Further, it uses an adaptive search grid implementation to provide more accurate optimal control approximation...


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