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Master of Engineering


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February 1996 - present
SYNISON Laboratory
  • Research Director
  • Mechanical Engineer:large/deep Research Work in the field of Pure Mechanical Mechanisms NTUA: Mechanical Systems Engineering,Engines & Transmissions:Research/Development,Engineering,Manufacturing,Mathematics,Computing NKUA: Philosophy,History,Psychology,L
September 1982 - June 1987
National Technical University of Athens
Field of study
  • Mechanical Engineering


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Crankshaft-and-Pusher combination is the simplest and most efficient Mechanism for conversion of linear reciprocating motion into endless rotary, and vice versa, but Design inflexibility is its weak point. However, the Idea of Differentiation, in some way, of flow of Time, in transition of Energy from one element of Mechanism to next, resolves this...
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Heterocentric Distributive Oscillating Transmission mechanism, as a combination of interlaced planetary systems which interconnect a drive shaft and a plurality of elements, where each element, being a carrier, bears a planetary shaft on which two planets are fixed and cooperate simultaneously and continuously with a sun, fixed either on the mechan...
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Transmission mechanism interconnecting bodies coaxially rotating with variable velocity, being called 'Distributive Oscillating Transmission' (DOT), and piston variable volume machine cooperating with this mechanism, being called 'Toroidal Hermetic Engine' (THE). DOT consists of frame, bodies, carrier and planet. Bodies are supported on central sha...


Projects (4)
SYNISON, a Hellenic (Greek) Laboratory specialized in Pure Mechanical Mechanisms, has developed a Power Transmission Mechanism with many important Applications. One of these Applications is a really innovative Bicycle Mechanism, called TRISKELION, because in the basic Version of this Mechanism the Cyclist produces a certain Work as if he had THREE LIMBS, feet or hands. This Mechanism achieves the COMPLETE ELIMINATION of the TOP and the BOTTOM DEAD CENTER when using the pedals, and not a simple shifting of these, as in the case of the use of either the elliptical or the oval or, more generally, of a non-circular sprocket. The motion of the pedals is always unidirectional and the coupling between them is such that the relative positions between them are always bijectively defined, resulting in zero backlash of the motion between the feet or hands, when reversing the Torque application. However, the Mechanism also works by using a ratchet to allow rotation of the drive wheel of the Bicycle without the necessity of corresponding motion of the feet or hands, exactly as in the operation of the classic type of Bicycle. A SIGNIFICANT OVERLAPPING of the PERIODS of WORK PRODUCTION is also achieved in the basic Version of this Mechanism, which overlapping is even greater than sixty percent (in the case of the HEPTASKELION and a setting of the conventionally Active Period to fifty degrees) in racing or other highly aggressive Versions, resulting in that the fluctuation of the Torque which finally moves the Bicycle is drastically reduced or even rendered virtually negligible. This Mechanism is purely mechanical, with a degree of efficiency that reaches the one hundred percent, however it cooperates ideally with an electric motor, or any other type of engine in general, which assists the motion of the Bicycle, providing several further arrangements for an even higher exploitation of the Work that the Cyclist produces, while in any case and with any composition, the degree of performance of the combination "Cyclist and Bicycle" is significant increased, when this combination is considered as an integrated Mechanical System. It is possible to adapt this Mechanism within any existing Bicycle of the classic type (retrofitting), while in the case of the Design from the very beginning of a Bicycle which bears this Mechanism, the result is excellent in terms of functional ergonomics, aesthetic appearance and cost of production, and Versions with Removable Mechanism are also available either for existing or designed from scratch Bicycles, mainly to avoid theft of the Mechanism, but also with some extra advantages. The Design of this Mechanism is carried out, POINT by POINT, taking into account the particularities of the sex and the age of the Cyclist, but also other factors such as whether the Cyclist is either an amateur or athlete, the use is either transportation or exercise, as well as much more specific personal parameters and even differentiations between the right foot and the left foot or between the right hand and the left hand of the same person. In this way, Design has as a result the Production of the required Work, by a particular Cyclist, with the MAXIMUM POSSIBLE ERGONOMY as well as the MINIMUM POSSIBLE STRESS and WEAR of the MUSCLES, the TENDONS and the BONES, of the HIPS, the KNEES and the ANKLES of this Cyclist, providing in this way the best physical condition but also the general health and attitude of this Cyclist, FAR of the existing state in everyday life and sports. Therefore, a Bicycle bearing this Mechanism can be used, at least to a sufficient degree, by PEOPLE with TEMPORARY or even PERMANENT PROBLEMS in one or both of their limbs, feet or hands, or other parts of their body that are actively involved in Cycling, and also facilitate the recovery of these individuals in case of temporary problems that have arisen, for example, from injury. In any case and with any composition, only a few minutes of Cycling are required until the average Cyclist adjusts their behavior to this new Cycling reality, however then the sense of INCREASED POWER as well as COMFORT is excellent, especially in the Versions about the TRISKELION (setting of the conventionally Active Period to one hundred and twenty degrees), and yet extremely ADDICTIVE, for every Cyclist.
In the corresponding PDF there is a brief presentation of the whole patent application with publication number: WO/2018/020279. Beyond that, here there is a focused presentation of a single case of this patent application: TRISKELION BICYCLE MECHANISM PROBLEM/MOTIVE: In Cycling, the Cyclist faces two obstacles: -there is dead-center at top of pedal-stroke, where Cyclist must apply huge force resulting negligible torque and -there is no even slight helping overlapping of pedaling power-periods(when Cyclist produces work), resulting that each single leg has to be so strong to move Bicycle alone. SOLUTION/PROPOSAL: In this Mechanism the two crank-arms are non-rigidly connected together via variable-transmission-ratio gears, with predefined variable phase-difference, in order to impressively resolve both problems. Installing it on a Bicycle, the minimum phase-difference is decreased to much less than 180-degrees of classic Bicycle, resulting in avoiding dead-points of pedal-stroke, while -and this is the most important- LARGE OVERLAPPING of actually power-periods is achieved. Thanks to these improvements, torque that finally moves Bicycle is rendered much smoother, Cyclist has to make less effort for same result, while each involved member of his body is less strained than when riding classic Bicycle. Although it is purely mechanical (net efficiency about 98%), cooperates ideally with assisting electric-motor, providing even higher exploitation of work that Cyclist produces, while, with any composition, performance of combination "Cyclist-and-Bicycle" is significantly increased. When minimum phase-difference is 120 degrees, Cyclist feels as if he/she had THREE LEGS ("TRISKELION"). PAST/COMPETITION: No competition! Older attempt (Rotor Cranks) had proposed solution where dead-centers are eliminated and Cyclists liked this feature, but there was only 5-degrees overlapping, instead of impressive 60-degrees of this Mechanism for mean/everyday Cyclist (TRISKELION), which overlapping increases up to 136-degrees (OCTASKELION: version for professional athletes). ADVANTAGES: Connecting the two crank-arms via variable-transmission-ratio gears, two great advantages are achieved: - ONE additional moving-part per pedal (giving minimum additional complexity/weight), and - capability of applying optimized kinematic-pattern dedicated for specific Cyclist (www.your.bike). Namely, in collaboration with a team of orthopedics, neurologists, physiotherapists and gymnasts can be worked out a kinematic-pattern optimization for each leg (hand in handcycle case), POINT-by-POINT, in terms of body ergonomics and minimization of stress and wear of MUSCLES, TENDONS and BONES, of HIPS, KNEES and ANKLES, taking, also, into account all critical personal data for specific Cyclist, including sex, age, use, health-condition, health-history (injuries etc) and even differentiations between right and left leg (hand). PROTOTYPES/IP STATUS: Already 3 fully operating Prototypes with unlimited hours of Test Riding. Final (5th Generation) Prototype (almost sale-ready) under final Design. Already Patent Granted, other Patents Pending and others non-Published yet. MARKET STRATEGY: Beginning by aiming at people with temporary/permanent health (especially leg) problems. There is a special version for Cyclists with one only leg and there is the challenge to design Bicycle dedicated for such races, even for Paralympics (www.lion.bike). Another Market will be the large one of stationary exercise-Bicycles. After this great promotion, the idea will be propagated in all classic Bicycles for any use, starting with retrofitting kits for popular Bicycle models and then for any other model after ordering. Final goal is to design Bicycles, with this Mechanism, from scratch. FUTURE/VISION: This Mechanism is a REAL NEED for everyday life for two reasons: - ecological ethics ask for electric AND human-powered-vehicles in centers of cities, and - doctors suggest that everyone has to be exercised as much as possible, in a mild way, as walking/CYCLING. Websites (under construction) www.triskelion.bike www.your.bike www.ideal.bike www.time.bike and more than 40+ other catchy domains.