On the Move

On the Move
Memorial University of Newfoundland · Department of Sociology


The On the Move Partnership is a multi-year national scale research program with international links, investigating employment-related geographical mobility and its consequences for workers, families, employers, communities, and Canadian municipal, provincial and federal governments.


Project (1)
Alberta Stories shares the stories of work-related mobility from three different groups of people: Indigenous people (Métis in northeastern Alberta), Interprovincial/Interregional labour migrants (long-distance commuters to the Oil Sands region), and International labour migrants (temporary work permit holders in central and northern Alberta). Diverse experiences and impacts of E-RGM are found within and across the three sets of stories. At the same time, the stories collectively illuminate the importance of mobilities – and the immobilities that go with them – to the opening up and closing down of life opportunities for people. They show how mobility for work both shapes and is shaped by family situations, socio-historical identities, and communal places and networks. While ‘mobility for work’ mostly refers to paid employment, it also, importantly, includes unpaid labour such as care work or harvesting.