Oluwaseun Ayotunde Jegede

Oluwaseun Ayotunde Jegede
Mykolas Romeris University · Institute of Educational Sciences and Social Work

Master of Social Work
counselling, social work, mental health, education, children & youth development, psychoanalysis, social research


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Additional affiliations
September 2019 - October 2020
Noble Guide Academy
  • School counselor
July 2018 - present
Adamu Augie College of Education, Argungu
  • Graduate Assistant Lecturer
August 2021 - June 2023
Mykolas Romeris University
Field of study
  • MSc in Social Work with Children and Youth
January 2014 - January 2018
Adekunle Ajasin University
Field of study
  • Guidance and Counseling


Publications (6)
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When we have problems to solve or decisions to make, we get drawn into our concerns so much that we hardly explore other solutions or ideas. Critical Thinking in Higher Education is an important skill and birth relevant and world-changing research and development adventure. Without Critical Thinking, employers and employees will struggle and might...
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This article aims to analyze leadership styles in a selected social agency. The study identifies leadership styles in welfare and social enterprise organizations in Latvia; it examines leadership problems and their effect on the welfare situation and development of the people as revealed by OECD reports, national reports and scholarly studies. The...
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This study examines social constructionism theoretical perspectives and their application to social work practice. The article gives details about social constructionism as a theory, its proponents and its importance to how social workers approach clients presenting problems in practice. The application of social constructionism to social work help...
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This conceptual study examines child poverty in Nigeria, the implications and social welfare support for needy children. Child poverty is a social problem in Nigeria, and its effects are notable in the country as it cut across, quality of the labour force, academic achievement, public loyalty and the economy. Large household size, parent's educatio...
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This poster describes the adaptation, motivation and level of support made available to students of Riga Stradins University during the COVID-19 pandemic. Emphasis was laid on RSU learning behaviours, effort made to adjust to online learning. We also reported the level of support provided by teachers from the perspective of students and how communi...
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The main objective of this paper is to examine the effect of African culture and traditions on African youth mental health and the impact of psychoanalysis. Through psychoanalysis, also known as “talk therapy,” Psychoanalysts help clients tap into their unconscious mind to recover repressed emotions and deep-seated thoughts. The research conducted...


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I'm looking for co-authors Are you a master's or doctoral student in psychology, behavioural sciences, social work, counseling psychology or a related discipline and would like to co-author a study on the depth of emotional pain? If so, let's examine this together.
Have you ever wondered why people self-harm when they are in discomfort or emotional pain? Some curse injury by cutting or burning their flesh, punching or hitting oneself. They do this to divert attention away from the pain or to distract the brain. Can you fathom burning your skin in order to relieve emotional pain? We won't be able to grasp why individuals do what they do or how to help them unless we understand the depth of emotional agony. It is simple to discuss bodily pains caused by injury or illness. Non-physical pain, on the other hand, is difficult to discuss, and instant treatment is impossible.
This position is necessary for my career development and capacity building. If you have connections, please share with me. wishing you greater heights in your career.
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Human beings are more of spirit than they think: exploring the subconscious mind to aid mental health.
I will appreciate suggestions on this proposed topic, materials, relate stories, or materials. I need five co-authors. Please let me know if you are interested.
I got admission to a year postgraduate program in Clinical Social Work (Substance Abuse) at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Unfortunately, I didn't get the scholarship I was hoping to fund the program. I can not self-fund it due to my financial situation.
Please share with me information about organizations or individuals that could be of assistance to me. I plan to work as a volunteer with the organization that supports after the program (January 2022) or payback by working with an NGO. I love this course and don't want to lose this opportunity.
I'll be happy to share supporting documents and more information including degree transcripts and personal info, go through verifications, interviews, and other screening exercises to gain trust and assistance. The program is starting in late January 2021.
Please advise me and share with your connections. Thank you for your support!
Warm regards,
Email: jegedeoluwaseun535@gmail.com or send me a message
Seeking information about universities and colleges that offer a full or partial scholarship in any of these areas: (coursework/research -- graduate programs) in Education, Social Work, Sociology, Special Education, Psychology, Counselling, Educational Technology and Mental Health.
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Projects (2)
Archived project
The main objective of this paper is to examine the effect of African culture and traditions on African youth mental health and the impact of psychoanalysis. Through psychoanalysis, also known as “talk therapy,” Psychoanalysts help clients tap into their unconscious mind to recover repressed emotions and deep-seated thoughts. The research conducted reviewed that psychoanalysis can improve the recovery process from mental distress caused by the African culture and traditions that hinder open communications and free expressions of emotions and thoughts. The paper also examines these African cultures and traditions. 200 high school students were asked about their willingness to communicate their feelings, thoughts, mental health issues to older adults and parents; 166 do not feel comfortable talking about their emotions and feel scared to discuss pressing concerns. Data were analyzed by using SPSS Statistics for Windows. Version 23.0.
I will love to participate in related research goals. I am looking at how emerging technologies can help students with learning disabilities beef from mainstream education and how the confidence they gain in using the device and applications can give them hope for higher education or advance studies.