Milena Souza Kury

Milena Souza Kury
Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique | INRS · Eau Terre Environnement Centre

Master of Science


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PhD candidate in Centre Eau, Terre, Environnement at INRS, Canada, under the supervision of Dr. Pierre Francus. Project focuses on the study of the paleoenvironment of Grand Lake - Labrador, through the analysis of varved sediments. I completed my MSc at Departamento de Geoquímica (GEOQ-UFF), Universidade Federal Fluminense. My research areas include Paleoclimatology, Geochemistry and Paleolimnology.
August 2016 - July 2018
Universidade Federal Fluminense
Field of study
  • Geosciences (Geochemistry)
January 2011 - February 2016
Universidade Federal do Ceará
Field of study
  • Environmental Sciences


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The Amazon Basin is one of the most productive regions in the world and an important carbon sink. However, lake productivity has varied throughout the Holocene, as preserved in lacustrine sedimentary records. Concentrations of chlorophyll pigmented derivatives that are mainly derived from phytoplankton and macrophyte populations can be used to infe...
Kury A. B., Mendes A. C., Cardoso L., Kury M. S., Granado A. de A., Giribet G., Cruz-López J. A., Longhorn S. J. (2021). WCO: World Catalogue of Opiliones (version 2021-03-23). In: Catalogue of Life, et al. (2021). Species 2000 & ITIS Catalogue of Life, 2021-04-05. Digital resource at Species 2000: Naturalis, Leiden, the Ne...
As an ecotone, the region between the Amazon Rainforest and Tropical Savanna Cerrado) biomes is, by definition, more susceptible to climate change. Therefore, understanding palaeoenvironmental dynamics is essential to address the future responses of such transition areas to climatic fluctuations. In this context, we present a new sediment record fo...
The "World Catalogue of Opiliones" (WCO) is a collaborative effort to comprehensively index the Earth's species of harvestmen. This paper announces one component of the WCO, "WCO-Lite" a website available at WCO-Lite provides a graphic user interface for a second component of the WCO, "Opiliones of the World", a database on th...
This is minor version 1.2 of the WCO-Lite website, containing one more layer of this nomenclatural/taxonomic endeavor. Version 1.2 contains bibliographic references for taxa nomina (exhaustive up to suprageneric taxa) and features a new author in the project team.
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WCO-Lite (with the word “light” restyled as “lite”) is a slenderer, more agile, online version of WCO, aiming to be a public-ready, authoritative reference for taxonomy of all subtaxa of harvestmen worldwide. WCO-Lite is being developed using an integrated web-based workbench for taxonomists called TaxonWorks (, created by Th...
WEBSITE: Kury, A.B., Mendes, A.C., Cardoso, L., Kury, M.S. & Granado, A. (2020) World Catalogue of Opiliones. WCO-Lite version 1.1. Online at: Complete list of valid taxon nomina of harvestmen from suborder to subspecies; exhaustive taxonomic survey up to December 2018
Conference Paper
Resumo: Ambientes estuarinos estão sujeitos à ação de tensores de origem antrópica, que podem afetar negativamente a flora e fauna destes ambientes através da disposição de efluentes contaminados com metais. Esses efluentes são resultado de atividades agrícolas, industriais, da aquacultura e da urbanização. O presente trabalho visou caracterizar a...


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To provide an accurate and updated logonymy of all harvestmen taxa of the world.