Mike Salvaris

Mike Salvaris
University of Melbourne | MSD · Melbourne Graduate School for Education

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There is a growing global movement to re‐define progress beyond gross domestic product (GDP) and develop new measures of equitable and sustainable well‐being. GDP's shortcomings as the chief measure of societal progress have been clearly exposed, but it is still widely used in this role, with increasingly adverse consequences. This article examines...
This paper examines some critical issues and opportunities for democracy and public policy posed by the growth of the global progress measurement movement. From the democratic perspective, these include: citizen progress measurement as a form of democratic re‑engagement; the re‑examination of democracy and the development of new indicators to defin...
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The United Nations Development Program opened its 1996 report with these words: Human advance is conditioned by our conception of progress ... [It is time to end] the mismea-sure of human progress by economic growth alone. The paradigm shift in favour of sustainable human development is still in the making. But more and more policy makers in many c...