Maynard S. Clark
Harvard T.H. Chan School of Pu...

Comparative Religion, Social Policy, Quantitative Social Research

MS (Master of Science) in Management (Research Administration), RAC (Research Administration Certificate), GCRA (Graduate Certificate in Research Administration)


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Awards and achievements (2)

  • Sep 1974
    St. Lawrence Fellowship
  • Jun 1973
    Most Widely Read Undergraduate, California State University, Hayward


Vegan most of my natural life, longer than most human earthlings have been alive. I write historically about the vegetarian movement in North America.

Master's thesis: Business Case for Smoke-Free Policies in Multi-Unit Residences

I'm interested in REPLACEMENTS RESEARCH dynamics, the search for replacing animal models with non-animal models and network with those developing nonanimal research methods to REPLACE current animal-based models. I am NOT an in vitro researcher or a bench scientist.

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