Martin Carames Abente

Martin Carames Abente
Universidad de Buenos Aires | UBA · Department of Computer Sciences (FCEN)

Bachelor of Science


Martin Carames Abente currently works in the private sector. He studied at the Department of Computer Sciences (FCEN), University of Buenos Aires. Martin does work/research in Theory of Computation, Data Mining, and Artificial Intelligence. His most recent project was 'Tracing status evidence in networks of utility-distribution companies, to provide quick insight into failures causes and direct prevention work.'
January 1994 - January 2020
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Field of study
  • Electronic Engineering
January 1994 - December 2020
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Field of study
  • Computer Sciences - Logic, Language & Computability


Project (1)
Archived project
Real-time access to network monitoring information (when available) and network topology and status history. Correlation of information via graphs and bayesian networks. Dynamic prediction of failures, assessment of root technical causes for failures just happened, providing insights useful for network maintenance and optimization.