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The grafting reaction of β-cyclodextrin-based microcapsules containing neroline onto pure cotton jersey knitted fabric is studied. The influence of the concentrations of microcapsules, citric acid (CA) crosslinking agent and catalyst on the fabric mass gain was studied to determine the optimum operating conditions. For this purpose, an experimental...
A bio-based reactive phosphate flame retardant derived from iso-eugenol was synthesized and fully characterized (1H,13C,31P NMR, FTIR, MS) with the aim of improving flame retardancy behavior of bio-based epoxy thermosets. This new green flame retardant, diepoxy-iso-eugenol phenylphosphate (DEpiEPP) was then copolymerized either with conventional di...
In this paper, a novel kind of microcapsules containing 2-ethoxynaphtalene (neroline) was successfully synthesized into polyurethane shells through the interfacial polycondensation of β-cyclodextrin with 4,4’-methylene (bisphenyl isocyanate) (MDI) in direct emulsion. The IR spectroscopy was used, on the one hand to confirm the success of polymeriza...
The preparation of polyurethane bio-based microcapsules containing the neroline fragrance aimed at cosmetotextile applications was investigated. The polyurethane shell material was synthesized by interfacial polycondensation using isosorbide and hexane diisocyanate as monomers. Chemical characterization by means of IR-ATR and TGA confirmed the form...
Comme l'intitulé le laisse entendre, le présent livre s’articule autour de deux axes : la microencapsulation et le textile. On se propose de décrire à travers cet ouvrage de façon précise les différents progrès, non seulement scientifiques mais aussi industriels, qui touchent aux thèmes concernés. Ce livre est composé de deux grands chapitres dans...
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International Journal of Applied Research on Textile. New core shell microparticles made of a bio-based epoxy resin wall and having the neroline fragrance as a core material have been investigated for their preparation and properties, and their suitability for cosmetotextile applications has been evaluated. The wall material was made of a polycond...


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