Marina Costa Lobo

Legislative Studies, Political Organizations and Parties, Elections, Public Opinion and Voting Behavior

D.Phil Politics, Oxford University, 2001
A working paper - In this paper we challenge the conventional wisdom about the political consequences of electoral systems. We show that the psychological effects of an electoral system manifest themselves in founding elections in those countries in which there are coattail effects running from the more important to the less important offices. The artificial deflationary pressures induced by coattail effects make the psychological effects of electoral systems in elections for less important offices increase coordination failures after the founding election. The empirical evidence comes from district-level data in legislative, regional and European elections in five countries.
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MAPLE's goal is to analyse the importance which Europeanisation has had in several European countries domestic politics. This project will combine media, parliamentary debates and online panel studies to understand how Europe has changed domestic politics between 2000-2016. More information at :
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  • Jun 2015
    ERC- European Consolidator Grant
  • Sep 2012
    Presidentialisation of Political Parties
  • Sep 2003
    Post-doc scholarship
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