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  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: Objective This study aimed to explore the antitumour effect of the DNA repair inhibitor, DT01 (the cholesterol conjugated form of Dbait), as an adjunct treatment to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) in pre-clinical models of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). MethodsA rabbit model bearing liver tumours was either left untreated or treated with TACE or with a combination of TACE+DT01. Tumour growth was monitored by ultrasound. These results were further confirmed in mice grafted with an intrahepatic human HCC model treated with doxorubicin (DOX) alone or DOX+DT01. ResultsThe combination of DT01 with TACE in a rabbit liver model led to a significant decrease in tumour volume (p=0.03). Colour Doppler and immunohistochemical staining revealed a strong decrease in vascularization in the DT01+TACE-treated group preventing the tumour growth restart observed after TACE alone. Similarly, the DT01 combination with DOX led to significant anti-tumour efficacy compared to DOX alone (p=0.02) in the human HCC model. In addition, a significant decrease in vascularization in the group receiving combination DT01 and DOX treatment was observed. ConclusionsDT01 is well tolerated and may potentiate HCC treatment by enhancing the DNA-damaging and anti-vascularization effect of TACE with doxorubicin. Key points• DT01 combined with TACE leads to significant anti-tumour efficacy without additional toxicity.• A potential anti-angiogenic role of DT01 was identified in preclinical models.• DT01 may potentiate HCC treatment by enhancing the efficacy of TACE.
    Article · Apr 2017 · European Radiology
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  • [Show abstract] [Hide abstract] ABSTRACT: In this review, we present the synthesis of the newly acquired knowledge concerning high dose-rate irradiations and the hopes that these new radiotherapy modalities give rise to. The results were presented at a recent symposium on the subject. Copyright © 2017. Published by Elsevier Masson SAS.
    Article · Mar 2017 · Bulletin du cancer
    Charles Fouillade Vincent Favaudon Vincent Favaudon +7 more authors... Marie Dutreix Marie Dutreix
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  • Article: Hommages
    Article · Feb 2017
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I work on the characterization of DNA repair mechanisms and damage signaling. I have designed new tools (called DNA baits) to discriminate pathways. Some of them are potent inhibitors of DNA repair and are already tested (with success) in clinical trial to treat local metastasis of Melanoma.

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