Marianne Macleod

Quantitative Social Research, Qualitative Social Research, Developmental Psychology

MSc Health Promotion and Health Information, RGU; Bachelor of Midwifery, Napier University; Postgraduate DipHE Nursing, Napier University
The research proposed is a two-stage mixed methods acceptability and feasibility study. The first stage will involve a group of young Mums in the development of a closed Facebook page that will both provide information/images/links about breastfeeding as well as facilitate messaging between users to discuss the issue and provide peer support. Access to the page will be offered to 150 pregnant Mums who were under the age of 19 at their LMP. The second stage will compare and evaluate routinely collected quantitative data to explore whether there is potential for such a social media intervention to increase rates and duration of breastfeeding in this age group by 6 weeks postnatal. A survey and semi-structured interviews at 6 weeks postnatal will help explore the acceptability and user experience of this intervention.


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