Maria Temmes

Maria Temmes
Tampere University | UTA · Faculty of Social Sciences



Additional affiliations
September 2021 - August 2025
Tampere University
  • PostDoc Position
July 2019 - June 2021
Asian University for Women
  • Professor (Assistant)
September 2012 - June 2018
Central European University
Field of study
  • Gender Studies


Project (1)
The project investigates the management of gendered chronic illness at the intersection of three ongoing developments: the introduction of personalized or precision medicine, public plans for rationalizing treatment, and global disruptions in the availability of pharmaceuticals. We focus on three diseases, endometriosis, migraine and fibromyalgia, which are all characterized by episodes of pain and debated in terms of their link to gendered embodied processes, especially ones involving hormones. The three diseases shed crucial light on tensions in emerging biomedicine: as chronic pain is difficult to standardize, it falls outside the logic of both precision medicine and rationalization, while pharmaceutical products used in its prevention may not be seen as ”essential drugs”, and are thus affected by drug shortages. We approach the management of gendered chronic disease through four sites: 1) patient organizations and activism, 2) patient-clinician encounters where individual treatment plans are negotiated, 3) public health governance of gendered chronic diseases, including both rationalization plans and approval of new and repurposed drugs, and 4) biomedical research on causative mechanisms and search for new therapies. The project also theorizes chronic pain as an embodied, intersectional phenomenon and explores the temporality of chronicity through questions of age. We have received a 4-year grant from the Academy of Finland as well as a 4-year grant from Kone Foundation.