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Maria Fernanda Laca
Hipodromo de Monterrico



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February 2011 - present
  • Equine Ophthalmology


Questions (4)
I need information for a hemangiosarcoma in a horse and the use of intratumoral carboplatin
r. med vet. Doreen Scharner1, 2, Dr. med vet. Anna Rötting1, 2, Dr. med vet. Kerstin Gerlach1, 2, Dr. med vet. Kathrin Rasch1, 2, MVB, PhD, Diplomate ACVS David E. Freeman.
Volume 1, Issue 3, September 2002, Pages 118–124
Gastrointestinal Series
Hello, I'm doing an investigations in with ovulations inductors, so i need some articles. I would like to know if someone have this article:
Comparison of the interval between administration of hCG or GnRH implant and ovulation in oestrous mares
Equine Veterinary Education
Volume 10, Issue 2, pages 76–79, April 1998.
Or another one related. Thanks from Perú.
Maria Fernanda Laca
Hello, I am starting and invetigation in the comparation of the effects with GnRH and hCG in the inducing of the ovulation in mares, so if some one had worked with this topic or have some information that can be usefull just let me now please!.
Best regards! And I'm happy to join this fantastic group!