Márcia Matias

Márcia Matias
University of Lisbon | UL · Institute of Geography and Territorial Planning

Master of Physical Geography and Spatial Planning
PhD Student in Geography


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Márcia does research in Physical Geography, Urban (Micro)Climatology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Currently with a grant from FCT to the theme: "Urban climate change: the impact of thermally inefficient surfaces on the Heat Islands and on thermal comfort in Lisbon"


Publications (5)
Technical Report
Full-text available
Simulações microclimáticas de duas áreas críticas (Baixa e Alta de Lisboa): situação atual e projeções para o futuro com modificações no edificado.
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Urban climate results from the modifications caused by the characteristics of cities, which modifies the regional climatic conditions of a city. When urban areas are warmer than the surrounding areas, the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon occurs. Being a major phenomenon and a global topic of interest for all affected cities, there are already num...
Conference Paper
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Resumo: O crime é um evento dinâmico, distribuído segundo tendências espaciotemporais. Neste artigo implementa-se um processo de análise criminal para a cidade de Lisboa através do mapeamento e análise de ocorrências geolocalizadas. Através de Sistemas de Informação Geográfica (SIG) procura-se otimizar a identificação de padrões espaciotemporais, a...
Conference Paper
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Considering climate change and the rapid trend towards urbanization, the analysis of urban microclimates is gaining importance. Using a FLIR thermal camera, the temperatures of the facades of the buildings where identified and characterized. The technique that was used - infrared thermography, is emerging and increasingly used in fields such as con...


Questions (3)
Hello everyone
I'm using ENVI-met (version 4.3.1) and I have successfully run the model. However, when I see the outputs of my model, in the buildings folder I should have two folders: static and dynamic (I have seen the sample-results that are available in the ENVI-met web site: http://envi-met.info/doku.php?id=examples:urbanlayout#download_sample_results, and it should create the two).
Does anyone know why it only creates one of them? It's because I'm using the free version of ENVI-met? It's an error?
Thank you
I'm using ENVI-met version 4.3.0. I can see all the layers ENVI-met creates in Leonardo in 2d and in 3d.
However I thought it was possible to see, for example, the surface temperature of the walls but I can only see the albedo, the transmission and emissivity of the facades, etc. (see image).
Is it possible to see other layers on to the facades?
I'm currently using Envi-met (version 4.3.0) in my master thesis research. I've successfully run the model for 48h and when I use Leonardo I'm able to see all my results in the 2D map section. Although, when I try to use the 3D map section I can only see my buildings and vegetation in 3D. I'm not able to see, for example, the direct solar radiation on my facades. There is a section where I should be able to assign to my facades a layer, so I could see it in 3D, but it's inactive and so I can not use it.
Can anyone help with this question?
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me,


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30 yr of Lisbon urban climate studies. Where are we now?