Maike Rocker

Maike Rocker
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Doctor of Philosophy


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I'm interested in contact situations in German(ic) language groups, both in terms of syntax and sociolinguistic aspects.Currently, I am working on my dissertation project, which focuses on syntactic variation in heritage Low German speakers in Iowa. I have also researched the sociolinguistic history of German-Jewish settlers in the Dominican Republic, and have worked on aspect marking in Pennsylvania Dutch.
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Finite verb placement in German(ic) contact languages has received heightened attention in recent years. In particular, the occurrence of main clauses with two preverbal constituents instead of the “canonical” only one, or verb-third word order (V3), has attracted researchers’ interest especially for Germanic contact varieties. Although previous st...
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This exploratory study analyzes the written language preferences and codeswitching behavior in the diary of a Low German-High German-English trilingual speaker, which was written 50 years after his migration from Germany to the USA. Despite shifts in the spoken domain, the first language of literacy (High German) is still the primary written langua...
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This study examines 369 correspondence letters written between 1944 and 1971 to the Ostfriesen-Zeitung (OZ), a newspaper published in Iowa for a group of Low German-speaking East Frisian immigrants to the USA. Although readers typically lived in small, rural Midwestern towns which were geographically dispersed, they were highly interconnected and h...
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El alemán como lengua extranjera y de herencia en la República Dominicana. En este artículo se plantean dos objetivos. En primer lugar, se describe la situación actual del alemán como lengua extranjera en la República Dominicana, principalmente con respecto a su representación institucional. Se destaca el papel de la Embajada Alemana en Santo Domin...


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This project aims at describing the use of verb-third (V3) sentences in heritage Low German in the USA with regard to the prosodic and information structural features of these structures.