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Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii · Complementary & Alternative Medicine

PhD Integrative Medicine


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Ralph Haven and Kimberly Burnham (2008). "Nerve Whisperer: 15 Gluten Sensitivity: An Integrative Manual Therapy Perspective." Health & Recovery, The Newsletter About Integrative Manual Therapy - The Science of Whole Body Health 1(6). Ralph Haven and Kimberly Burnham (2008). "Gluten Sensitivity: An Integrative Manual Therapy Perspective." Health & R...
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Homeopathic remedies: Traumeel and Zeel have both been used in conjunction with iontophoresis as the remedy delivery system. Sharon W. Giammatteo, Ph.D., PT., Thomas Giammatteo, D.C., PT. and Kimberly Burnham, PhD at the Center for Integrative Manual Therapy and Diagnostics, have further developed the field with the use of iontophoresis patches and...


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I am creating a database with the words for "Peace" and "Calm" in 5000 plus languages. I have collected about 4,000. I am sure there are still thousands I do not know. What I find fascinating about this project is that many languages have synonyms for peace, calm, tranquility that are different from English or other Romance languages for example, tame, cool, slow, cool liver, legible, health, wholeness, etc. Then there are also interesting homonyms like peace and piece or peas. Homonyms are unique to each language because the word for peace is unique.
There is much research to say that learning a new language after age 50 decreases the chances of developing Alzheimer and that new language learning encourages neuroplasticity and brain health. I am creating a dictionary of "peace" with 5000 words and ways people around the world think about peace. I believe that studying the word for peace in thousands of different language will also improve brain health and enhance neuroplasticity.
Examples from my upcoming book.
Smelling Peace
In |xam, the language of the Cape San people
in Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia,
Zimbabwe, Lesotho and South Africa.
there is a saying
"ha ka: ha se !khou:, ti e:
ǂgou:wa ǀ nũe, ĩ:"
he intends to come and smell
whether peace (ǂgou:wa) it be here
and I wonder
what if we all could smell peace
would it smell the same to all
like roses blossoming on the bush
on a sunny summer day
or a baking chocolate cake
celebrating the birth of a child
or baby powder on a new born
would each of us find a different way
to describe the smell of peace
Peace Talking and Telling Tales
From The Year of The Poet June 2020 (Inner Child Press)
“The most loquacious people”
J. Marshall observed
referring to the Ju/’hoan
suggests one useful strategy
maintaining peace “ǂgou”
diffusing tensions by talking
the San people of the Kalahari Desert
are not silent “ǂgau”
engage in conversation
all day long and well into the night
as they work
as they eat
as they gather around the fires
with their children at night
as they visit with other families
people who have hunted or gathered separately
recount in exhaustive detail
the tracks of animals
amounts of berries
abundance of certain plants
then plan what come next
where might there be game?
to whom will they give nuts?
the band a unit of sharing
demands peace and cooperation among members
Found poetry from Marshall, J. and C. Ritchie. Where Are the Ju/wasi of Nyae Nyae? Changes in a Bushman Society: 1958–1981. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Press, 1984 found in Culture S etches, Case Studies in Anthropology 3rd Ed. by Holly Peters-Golden
The Rabbit Hole Of Peace In Javanese
Today I went looking
for the word for peace in Javanese
and found it
"slamet" or "rahaju"
in a safe, peaceful condition or
"sranta" and "saranta"
patient and calm or
"sepi" which is quiet and still
in Javanese or Ngoko
Also in non-Ngoko languages
"wiludjeng" is a safe, peaceful condition
or similarly "srantos" is patient and calm
"epen" is quiet and still in Krama Standard
"rahadjeng" in Krama Substandard
or "sugeng" in a safe, peaceful condition
in Kromo Inggel
But half a world away
I found along the path
"uxolo" (peace)in South African Xhosa
"xolile" to be at peace
"uizwe lixolile" to make peace
"nku Xolisa" to be at peace with each other
"uku Xolelana, noxolo, ngoxolo ngo kuxolileyo, Noxolo Xolileyo,"
peaceable, peaceably, peaceful, peacefully
The search rolled out
different languages spoken with
different tongues
bringing the world together
a little tighter
I am also looking for grant funding to be able to complete this project. I can be contacted at nervewhisperer@gmail.com Kimberly Burnham, PhD Integrative Medicine.