Khaled Alostath

Khaled Alostath
Istanbul Aydin University · Department of English Language and Literature

Master of Arts
EFL teacher


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Khaled Alostath studied at the Department of English Language and Literature, Istanbul Aydin University. Khaled did mixed-methods research among graduate students at IAU investigating their academic writing challenges.


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The present study explores the causes and factors behind high school students' academic writing challenges from teachers' perspectives. Hence, the study aims to identify the factors that hinder learners writing experiences, analyze them, and recommend solutions to bridge the gap. Also, it provides recommendations for teachers to take into account i...
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Graduate students, unlike other learners, are constantly under pressure, with more responsibilities and challenges in their daily lives, let alone their academic life. Many studies have been carried out among ESL/EFL undergraduate students' writing strategies and challenges (e.g., Cheng, 2002; Wang & Wen, 2002; Mustafa, 2018; Zhang et al., 2021), y...
Research Proposal
Nowadays, graduate students face many challenges in the academic writing cycle. The current study aims to investigate the academic writing challenges among ESL/EFL graduate students specialized in English Language and Literature at Istanbul Aydin University (IAU). Graduate students, unlike other learners, tend to be under more pressure, responsibil...


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I am working towards my Ph.D. applications again, and I hit a wall. So, I have a pretty good idea of what I want to research, but I cannot make a clean-cut research question(s) on what I want to research! How can I approach potential supervisors to discuss my research plans with them?
Should I allow my students to use their mother tongue when they discuss activities with each other in my ESL classes? They always complain about slowing in the process if they use English to prepare for in-class activities.
If you are/were supervisor for MA (master's) graduate students, what are/were the problems and difficulties you are facing/faced supervising them? I am looking for personal experiences, related studies, or books. But, for a large part, I am interested in personal experiences.
I am writing a qualitative research paper on EFL graduate students' academic writing challenges in a university in Turkey where English is the medium of instruction. The research instrument is a semi-structured interview, and thematic analysis (TA) will be implemented. Based on what should I choose the sample size? What is the best/ideal sample size to reach the principle of saturation?
Can I use the same topic as my master's research for a Ph.D. study? My master’s project turned out to be not so simple as it first looked and the results aren't /weren't as satisfying as I expected.
In my master's thesis, I investigated EFL international graduate students' academic writing challenges and their strategies to cope. However, there is still room for research and in-depth analysis; to have better and more satisfying results.
Any thoughts, please?
My university has this [weirdly ridiculous] policy where graduate students MUST publish a research article before graduation. Can I publish a short communication article, or is it only for top researchers? I am confused. Or, do I have to write a full research article? My university has no concerns about either.
The number of participants in my current research paper is only 60 graduate students. The purpose of my research is to explore International graduate students' attitudes, feelings, anxiety, and coping strategies during the COVID-19 pandemic at a specific university in Turkey.
Based on what do I need to choose either type of research. And are there any points I need to keep in mind to get my paper published?
The last phase of my thesis project is to investigate faculty members' perceptions of what they find problematic in students writing. I emailed them (5 faculty members) the open-ended questionnaire about two months ago, and I also included a summary of the preliminary results of the research. I sent follow up emails as well. Still no response.
Now, I don't have much time left to graduate, and I don't know what to do. Do I send another follow-up email? Can I phase them out of the study? (The main focus of the study is on students' perspectives and problems in academic writing). Or what? Any ideas?
I am conducting semi-structured interviews with graduate students to explore their academic writing challenges. I am using thematic analysis to analyze the Qual findings. Should I include a summary for each theme (and subthemes) in the findings chapter?


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