Kevin McCabe
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Environmental Engineering, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology



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  • Sep 2002
    Fellowship, Molecular Hematology Training Grant, OHSU, Department of Molecular & Medical Genetics
  • Jun 1999
    Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Fellowship
  • Apr 1996
    Student Research Award, Society for Pediatric Research


Goals and Experience:
I plan to continue to pursue an academic research/teaching track that allows me to utilize my expertise in molecular biology and environmental engineering to develop pan-disciplinary curricula and research collaborations.

Research plans:
My personal research interests revolve around two topics, both directly relating to environmental engineering and human health: 1) implementing molecular biology in the arena of bioaerosol and water sciences to examine microbe/environment interactions, and 2) examining toxicogenomic effects of aerosol and water environmental exposure rooted in my interests in cancer genetics and infectious disease.

Teaching philosophy:
Teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels demands more than conventional cycles of lecture, homework, and exams; the modern learning environment needs to be interactive and reach beyond the specifics of the course material to prepare the students for their next career steps – whatever they may be. In my teaching, I integrate active and cooperative learning strategies to better engage students. I emphasize key concepts by presenting an example “big-picture” problem at the beginning of the term and returning to it throughout the course, utilizing a step-wise inductive learning approach. In the end, the students have not only learned core course material, but also understand the material in a real world context, have related the material to primary literature, developed problem solving skills, and hopefully grown excited about the learning process.

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