Joseph Sloop

Organic Chemistry, Chemical Thermodynamics, Chemical Kinetics

Prepare and examine regiochemistry of nucleophilic adducts of ninhydrin. Investigate effect of fluorine substitution on fluorescence and other molecular properties of new ninhydrin products.
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What is the best ab initio/computational method to model transition structures for a pyrazole equilibrium?
Diketone and aryl hydrazine condensation reactions often lead to a mixture of regioisomeric pyrazoles.  Preliminary calculations show 2-4 kcal/mol differences in the pyrazole energies.
Besides acetonitrile, what other suitable solvents that are not polar, protic solvents can be used to solvate Selectfluor effectively?
I have been attempting to fluorinate a ketone species that apparently is unreactive toward Selectfluor in acetonitrile.


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  • May 2016
    GGC Center for Teaching Excellence Fellowship
  • Mar 2016
    Governor's Teaching Fellowship
  • May 2013
    Master Teacher Certification


My current research program involves the preparation and study of novel fluorinated analogs of sulfa drugs, 2-acyl-1,3-diketones, ninhydrin and their heterocyclic products. My undergraduate student researchers undertake reactions they studied in organic chemistry to synthesize new compounds. After characterization, students use spectroscopic methods to study the tautomeric properties of the diketones, and conduct QSAR and bioactivity studies of these new fluorinated products.
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