Joseph Brunet

Joseph Brunet
University College London | UCL · Department of Mechanical Engineering


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Imaging the different scales of biological tissue is essential for understanding healthy organ behavior and pathophysiological changes. X-ray micro-tomography using both laboratory (μCT) and synchrotron sources (sCT) is a promising tool to image the 3D morphology at the macro- and micro-scale of large samples, including intact human organs. Prepara...
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Aortic dissection is a serious vascular disease characterised by a separation of the layers of the arterial wall and the creation of a second lumen. Mortality due to this disease is particularly high and requires surgery as soon as possible. Although widely documented clinically, the phenomena behind this condition are largely unknown and many ques...
Objective: Aortic dissection is a life-threatening event which starts most of the time with an intimal tear propagating along the aortic wall, while blood enters the medial layer and delaminates the medial lamellar units. Studies investigating the mechanisms underlying the initiation sequence of aortic dissection are rare in the literature, the ma...
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Background It is commonly admitted that a dissection initiates with an intimal tear or at least a defect inside the arterial wall. Nevertheless, few studies investigated the initiation sequence due to the difficulty to monitor this process. Objective The objective of this work was to observe and investigate the mechanisms leading an intimal tear t...
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Aortic dissection is a life-threatening event associated with a very poor outcome. A number of complex phenomena are involved in the initiation and propagation of the disease. Advances in the comprehension of the mechanisms leading to dissection have been made these last decades thanks to improvements in imaging and experimental techniques. However...
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Aortic dissection represents a serious cardio-vascular disease and life-threatening event. Dissection is a sudden delamination event of the wall, possibly leading to rupture within a few hours. Current knowledge and practical criteria to understand and predict this phenomenon lack reliable models and experimental observations of rupture at the lame...


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Hello everyone,
I'm using Abaqus in explicit. I know how to use cohesive surfaces in 3D explicit (general contact => individual property assignements) but in 2D explicit I can't define general contact, I have an error :
"CONTACT cannot be defined on 2D element facets. If the model contains 2D or axisymmetric elements then *CONTACT INCLUSIONS, ALL EXTERIOR cannot be specified, and the first surface name on each data line under *CONTACT INCLUSIONS or *CONTACT EXCLUSIONS must not be blank"
Someone know how to define cohesive surfaces in 2D explicit ?
I will be very grateful if someone can help


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